About DRI

DRI is the Tokyo community to research and develop decentralized technologies.


About DRI

We are confident that decentralized technology will be the next generation of the Internet. The future of our society is a "Token Economy" where value is traded through tokens.

For this future DRI is creating the necessary protocols.

We are developing decentralized technologies for several layers including Proof of Stake, Inter-blockchain, Oracle, Decentralized ICO schemes, etc. We empower individuals by making "exchange of value" smart.



Yusaku Senga of DRI Founder began developing blockchain technologies since 2014. He has experience supporting the development of proof of concept for financial institutions and ICO complete token schemes. In 2017, Yusaku founded DRI for research and development of Ethereum's core technology and ÐApps. Now he is developing the software necessary for the blockchain protocol to become the next generation internet.

We at DRI are enthusiasts of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Our team is comprised of a person who worked in the largest bank in Japan, an Islamic finance industry graduate, a programmer honored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan etc.

Do you want to build interesting technologies with us? Come hang out at our slack community!